I’m so excited you landed here today! 

Chances are you’re checking out if the She Speaks Up Network is a business community you could see yourself being a part of or not. One that will truly help you grow your business while keeping faith & family a priority!

The purpose of this section is to share a little bit about myself with you since you may be curious who started this shindig and how & why it all got started…

About me: 

First and foremost my TOP passion and priority are my faith in Jesus Christ and my family…
I am a proud wife to my husband Bryan & a mama & homeschooler to 3 young kiddos. I do improv comedy as my hobby!
My family truly helps shape me into a better human being every day… 

My next passion and priority is for helping women step into their unique God-given style of leadership, influence, & purpose.

I do this by teaching workshops & coaching on storytelling for sales, stage presence, leadership, relationship based networking, confidence, collaborations, community building, and renewing the mind in Christ & removing any subconscious self-image beliefs that could be holding you back from stepping into a new level of freedom in who God created you to be. 
I am a certified Life Coach,, Strengthfinders Coach, and Human Behavior Specialist, & certified holistic health coach with over $100K invested in continuing education on mindset, marketing, sales, business, team development & leadership. 

My story:

My first big business shift happened in 2010, when I replaced my $10/hr job at Wholefoods market with my own business, after lots of struggles!! It didn’t make a whole lot of money but I was free to work on my own terms. Then in 2013, after my daughter was born, I sat there holding her and realized I wasn’t really FULLY walking my talk. I wanted to be an example to my daughter of what’s possible. I was inspired to take my business to the next level & started making multiple 6 figures a year before she was one year old! (Without social media!)
After I made my first million dollars in business, I was proud of what I had accomplished, but I was quickly headed to burn out and still not feeling "good enough.” 

Online gurus were telling me that I should be a 7-figure a year earner and that I needed even bigger name recognition, and I needed more, more, more…I sadly, started focusing on business more than my family.

After a couple of years of falling into the trap of these false idols, I knew I was in a bad place and asked God to help me to truly start co-creating my life & business WITH Him & not based on what the online "gurus” or world were telling me I should do.

I even went back to my roots of acting and started doing improv comedy shows again to reconnect to my fun and playful side! I took the pressure off & asked God to show me His will.

To be honest, the Lord started closing a lot of doors and nothing was working.
But I started to notice there was a major shortage of Christ centered business trainings & communities. I knew it was God’s will for me to start one but I held off out of fear of pride and false idols taking over again……..

Then something happened that forced me to start She Speaks Up, and even though I didn’t feel worthy or ready for it yet, ladies started coming out of nowhere that wanted to be involved.

This is how She Speaks Up was born!

A community for women to come together to connect in a way that gives God glory first, while equipping and lifting them up to their highest calling (personally & professionally). 

It’s education, coaching, collaboration & connection for your purpose.
I hope to meet you at one of our in person or virtual events or workshops! 

Ashley Brooke Strand
Ashley's Speaker Reel

Hi, I'm Ashley

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